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Heather Has Four Moms

Which of Heather’s four lesbian moms will give her “the talk”when she decides to lose her virginity for her fifteenth birthday? A mother- daughter story times four.


"One of the threads of everyday lesbian life that I think has scant visibility in lesbian film, are the stories of the complexities of lesbian motherhood. Heather Has Four Moms so perfectly captures several of the threads at once: the reconstituted lesbian family, who is and who isn’t really the mother, raising heterosexual children, and even just raising children, period."

Tessa Rooney

Canuckamuck Productions and Dyke Drama Film Festival


Featured Cast and Crew:

Starring- Holly Twyford, Susan Rome, Kristen Popham, Tanya Baskin, Vanessa Bradchulis, and Usman Ali Ishaq
Director- Jeanette Buck
Writer/Producer Rani Deighe Crowe
Editor- Bonnie Rae Brickman
Director of Photography- Peter Nicoll
Composer- Justine Barker

Crone Heights Productions

Heather Has Four Moms is the inaugural film for our production company, Crone Heights Productions. Our mission is to put women in front of and behind the camera to tell stories we haven’t seen before.

Screenings- over 100 screenings including

Athens International Film and Video Festival, April 2018
Dyke Drama Festival Perth, Australia, May, 2018-

*Audience Choice Award
Cinema Systers Film Festival Paducah, KY, May 2018-  

*Award Best Short Film
Provincetown Film Festival, June 2018
Out Here Now Kansas City LGBT Film Festival, June 2018
Female Eye Film Festival Toronto, Canada June 2018

University Film and Video Conference, July 2018

Women in Film and Television Atlanta Short Film Showcase, July 2018
North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, August 2018
Chain NYC Film Festival, August 2018
Broad Humor Film Festival, August 2018
Sioux City International Short Film Festival, September 2018
Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival, September 2018
Reeling: Chicago LGBTQ International Film Festival, September 2018
Reel Affirmations DC International LGBTQ Film Festival, October 2018
Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival, October 2018
Film Girl Film Festival, Milwaukee, October 2018
Northern Wave Film Festival, Iceland, October 2018
Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival, Paris, Oct-Nov, 2018



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