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Trying to Remember

An experimental film created by layering and repeating 16 mm film footage created from Cyanotype, home office printing, and stamping and scratching and drawing on the film.
Trying to remember the self through far away memory and unclear thoughts and during the extreme isolation of 2020.

Festivals include:

Fisura International Festival of Film and Video- 3 screenings

-Mexico City, Mexico                                                                        Feb. 23- Mar 20, 2022

-Durango, Mexico                                                                             April 23, 2022

-Virtual Headquarters Film Latino                                                     May 29- June 29, 2022


NCCC Film & Animation Festival, Sanborn, NY                               May 7, 2022

            25 years


Kinodrome: Int’l Motion Picture and Screenplay  Festival                September 2022

            Cleveland, OH

  • Award for Best Tribute to Celluloid Film

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