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Portraits in a Pandemic

Portraits in a Pandemic is anthology of portraits of Americans adapting to the pandemic and awakening to George Floyd's murder and the Black Lives Matter protests. All portraits are developed in collaboration with actors and for DIY methods of remote production during the pandemic.


Shelter at Home Alone

While quarantining during the pandemic, Sherry realizes the challenges in her life have prepared her for sheltering alone during a pandemic.

"Shelter at Home Alone" recognizes the self discovery people were experiencing in the first couple months of quarantining and acknowledges that people are having different experiences depending on their circumstances. 

Starring Suzanne Richard with Karen Gundersen.

Shelter at Home Alone.jpg
Film Festivals

Big Muddy Film Festival
Monologues and Poetry International Film Festival
Moody Crab Film Festival

"Not a Racist"

Portrait of a woman who says she is not a racist after a video of her goes viral as told by her through her car rant. 

"Not a Racist" is an amalgam of the white women who have emerged to protest masks and police Black Americans' activities. She is a portrait of the phenomenon of white fragility in the US.

Starring Louise Smith.

Not a Racist.00_04_45_12.Still017.jpg
Film Festivals

Moody Crab Film Festival

Obligatory Departmental Anti- Racist Statement

After the killing of George Floyd,  a professor shares the departmental anti-racist statement with his class in his online teaching video...

Adapted from the essay, My Dear Racist Students, by Jeff Spanke.

Starring Jeff Spanke.

Film Festivals
Oregon State International Film Festival

Unmasked  A woman is asked to wear a mask during the Covid pandemic. Starring Louise Smith with the voice of Steve McQueen II.

Unmasked poster.jpg
Film Festivals

Monologues and Poetry International Film Festival
Moody Crab Film Festival
Just in Case  In the wake of George Floyd's murder, a Covid nurse isolating from her family, records a video message for her two young sons.
Film Festivals

Monologues and Poetry International Film Festival- 2nd Place
Moody Crab Film Festival
Rona   Early in the pandemic, a frustrated professor adapting to online teaching gets distracted with a webcam girl that can help fulfill his needs in Quarantine.
Film Festivals

Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival UK
The Broad Humor Film Festival, Los Angeles
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