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Rani Deighe  Crowe

Filmmaker and Theater Artist


Rani Deighe Crowe is a writer, director, actor, filmmaker, teacher, and collaborative interdisciplinary artist. Rani's short films, Safety State, Quiet on Set, Welfare Check, Beautiful Eyes, Texting: A Love Story, and Heather Has Four Moms have screened at festivals around the world. She collaborated on a dance/theater creation in French and English, Les Jeux D'Amour, performed at the Aronoff Center as part of Cincinnati Contemporary Dance Theater's Choreographers Without Companies show. She collaborated with Johnstone New Music Foundation and members of the Columbus Symphony on a dance/theater/music production of the Stravinsky/ Kurt Vonnegut version of A Soldier's Tale. Her six volume multi media installation of The Spoon River Anthology was part of Migiwa Orimo's Telephone Booth Project, a finalist for the International Public Art Award. Her solo performance work includes her Julia Child site specific comic character, and the multimedia The New Woman Gets A Room of Her Own: a Performance Lecture with Hats. Rani holds a BA in Theater/Dance from Antioch College and an MFA in Film, Ohio University. She currently is an Associate Professor at Ball State University.  Click for IMDB PAGE.





Rani Deighe Crowe

phone: 937-241-5938



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