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Safety State, 16 minutes

In a dystopian near future, a gay and a lesbian couple form an

unlikely friendship as they flee the Midwest for safety in New England.

Featured Cast and Crew:

Starring-  Caitlin Lopez, Jane Reagan, Alan Tyson, and Stephen Woosley
Director- Jeanette L. Buck
Writers- Rani Deighe Crowe & Jeanette L. Buck
Editor- Bonnie Rae Brickman
Director of Photography- Wenting Deng
Composer- Elizabeth Ziff
Animation- Lindsey Martin
Producer- Jeanette L. Buck
Co-Producer- Carrie Love
Executive Producers- Rani Deighe Crowe and Bonnie Rae Brickman

Crone Heights Productions

Heather Has Four Moms is the inaugural film for our production

company, Crone Heights Productions. Our mission is to put women

in front of and behind the camera to tell stories we haven’t seen before.

Coming in 2024...

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