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Rani Deighe Crowe

Filmmaker and Theater Artist


Produced Short Film Scripts:
Underlined Titles have clickable links to scripts. Contact author with letter of interest to read sample of other scripts.

Quiet on Setshort film
An indie film has one of the hottest sex scenes of the year, but did a sexual assault occur on set in the making of the film?

Heather Has Four Moms, short film
14 min, comedy
When four lesbian moms, raising a child separately and together, discover their 14 year old daughter’s plan to lose her virginity, who has the guts to have “the talk”? A mother-daughter story times four.
*Official Selection Teadance Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2017
*Official Selection Austin Comedy Film Festival 2017
*Official Selection GLITTER! Oklahoma LGBTQ Film Festival 2018

Beautiful Eyes
5 min, experimental, dark comedy, feminist horror
When a young girl has dark thoughts, her mother takes her to the hairstylist to be "fixed".

Estragon's Boot  Adaption
12 min, Absurd dark comedy
An absurd office showdown between a male boss and his female employee that asks who really has the power.
Texting: A Love Story
7 min, comedy
A short film about love and intimacy in the age of technology.

Unproduced Screenplays

Pilot Scripts:

Recess Duty: A Satisfactory School
Half-hour, workplace mockumentary, ensemble comedy at
 Greenfield Elementary, the teachers behave just as bad as the students.

Official Selection San Pedro International Film Festival
Official Selection
 KinoDrome: Intern'l Motion Picture & Screenplay Festival
Official Selection Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 2018

Second Round Sundance Episodic Storytelling Lab 

Heather Has Four Moms, the pilot
Four lesbian moms trying to  share custody while raising a teenage daughter trying to fit in, who thinks her moms are obstacles to her success. A mother-daughter story times four.

Second Round Sundance Episodic Storytelling Lab 

Short Film Scripts:

A woman tries to clean her house...

Official Selection Women in Film and Television Atlanta
Official Selection Portland Comedy Film Festival

Adultery in the Time of Covid
A woman's guilt over having an affair escalates during Covid when her lover coughs.

Official Selection Bushwick Film Festival Brooklyn
Official Selection Women in Film and Television Atlanta
Official Selection KinoDrome: Intern'l Motion Picture & Screenplay Festival

Church Ladies
Three church ladies at an outdoor potluck judge another woman, who seems to think she's hot. So soo hot. SOOO HOT.

Official Selection Austin Revolution Film Festival
Best Screenplay Louisiana Rainbow: LGBT+ Film Festival
Official Selection Houston Comedy Film Festival
Official Selection The Broad Humor Film Festival
Official Selection Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival UK
Official Selection KinoDrome: Intern'l Motion Picture & Screenplay Festival

Serenity Now
A drug addict in recovery gets by one day at a time, but when nobody trusts him and everybody already things he is using, and the opportunity appears to use again, what choice will he make?

The Inheritance
When a liberal butch dyke and her conservative sister clean out the family home after their mom's death, their closeness gets interrupted by a dispute over who should get a treasured souvenir knick knack which brings up childhood baggage and political differences they can't resolve.

The Operator
Dead bodies are turning up around town. An overprotected woman with cerebral palsy works as a part time sex operator. Despite her mother's cautions to be careful, she might know more about the dead bodies than anybody would suspect.

Feature Screenplay:

Our Prestigious  Faculty aka The Three Quarters
Three arts professors stuck at a struggling liberal arts college in the midwest long for New York City, their youth, and their former artistic identities. Loosely inspired by Chekhov's Three Sisters.

Best Screenplay. Reading Film Festival
Official Selection Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition
Austin Revolution Film Festival

*Honorable Mention, Women's Independent Film Festival 2014

Spec Script:

The Newsroom Season Three:  Bigger Guns
Following the week of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin verdict, the staff struggle with the verdict, their responsibility to report it objectively, their own personal trauma with gun violence, and an undercover internet investigation of a white power group.
*2014 Official Finalist Hollywood Screenplay Contest

Plays and Live Performance

Why You Can't Put a Wheelchair on the Stage, one act
A ten minute theatrical farce that explores disability on stage.

Bitches, Sluts, Pigs, and Assholes, one act
A one act play about misunderstandings and dysfunction while characters try to navigate relationships with the opposite sex through linked scenes.
Les Jeux D'Amour, a dance theater collaboration with projections
An exploration of phases of flirtation.
Round on the Ends and High in the Middle, one woman short
Moving back to Ohio from New York City and facing feelings of failure and childhood memories.

The New Woman Gets a Room of Her Own: Performance Lecture with Hats, solo multi-media performance
Part power point lecture, part play, the lead character starts by lecturing on the new role of the modern woman in the 20s, then illustrates by performing characters from the writings of 20s women, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, and Dorothy Parker.

Bunniculafull length children's play adapted from the James Howe book series (comissioned by the Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse)


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